Payment Gateway refers to an online service that authorizes payments on the internet. Harness the power of payment gateways by integrating with them to complete your customer's transactions.

Cybermax Solutions provides Payment Gateway Integration for web portals, E-commerce websites, retail businesses and various online subscription services . This could be a great plus for your online business as it makes the process of transacting on your website a lot easier.


Skilled software professionals at Cybermax Solutions are adept at using plethora of technologies & tools to connect to various different payment gateways. Our experts have years of experience in PCI compliance, integrating with many payment providers via API.

Recurring Payment

Having to wait for clients to renew their subscriptions manually kinda slows down the growth of your online business. Recurring payments makes life easy for you by automating the entire renewal process and keeps the the cash inflows running.

Security & Fraud Prevention

In addition to integration with various payment gateway services, we also provide security and fraud prevention for your online business. We use Machine learning algorithms to flag fraudulent transactions.

Our Payment Gateway Solutions

Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Integration
Google Payment Gateway Integration
PayPal Payment Gateway Integration
CC avenue Payment Gateway Integration


PayPal Payment Gateway Integration

Paypal is an international payment gateway service that allows people to transact monies via the internet in a easy manner. Paypal is used by e-commerce sites all over the world. Some of methods of integration provided are:

PayPal Express Checkout
PayPal Payment Pro
PayPal Payments Advanced
PayPal Payflow Payment Gateway Integration

Authorize.Net is a popular payment gateway service provider that allows merchants to accept credit card and electronic check payments through their own websites. We support the following methods of integrating services to your website:

Invoice Payment Form
Membership Signup Form/Registration Form
Shopping Cart
Web Form

Recurring Payments

When your business offers subscription services or memberships then it becomes imperative for you to use a technology that will automate the process of renewing your clients by charging them periodically. This is a fairly common requirement these days, our expertise lies in making this as smooth and painless as possible for you.

The Payment gateway services provide an API interface that we use to develop a recurring payment model that is more flexible than the one provided natively by them, this makes the automation of payment schedule for your existing clients seamless.

If consumers had to re-submit payment information on a regular basis your businesses might lose customers and transactions simply because having to go through the renewal process is too cumbersome.

Irrespective of what payment gateway you use, we provide you with a client profile associated with the recurring billing, this profile specifies the frequency, amount that needs to be charged and is used by our scripts to renew your client.

Why Choose Cybermax for Payment Gateway Integration?

We secure your payments with our fraud detection system to help protect you and your customer
Your business and customers deserve nothing but the best. Remain ahead in the race with our efficient and easy payment solutions.
Cybermax Solutions offers you integration solutions to various different payment gateway services under a single roof.
With years of experience, our expert devs leverage their knowledge of secure payment technologies to provide sturdy payment gateway solutions.
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