Given the challenging needs of today's software, it makes more sense to leverage cloud based technology to elevate your enterprise to the next level. We have the requisite expertise to end to end cloud based solutions.


Cloud based Development

Cloud based Development

Our Cloud-based apps can be deployed, modified, and tested swiftly thereby enabling enterprises to be more responsive. This speed can lead to paradigm shifts in business ops.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Cloud migrations could be complex and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to moving apps to the cloud. Fear not, though, our Cloud experts can migrate your legacy software seamlessly without the usual chaos associated with such migrations.

Cloud Consolidation

Cloud Consolidation

Our Cloud experts can easily consolidate your business applications on the cloud and this will lead to lower infrastructural costs as well as increased uptime.

Cloud offerings

Cloud offerings

Our scalable cloud offerings help your enterprise cope with the nuances of infrastructure maintenance and provide adequate resources to help run your cloud software efficiently.

Cloud Computing Models

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We can create the capability for you to use your provider's applications on a cloud infrastructure. These applications are accessible from various client devices through a thin client interface, such as a web browser, this eliminates the need for you to host it locally.


PaaS delivers development and operating environments as a service. It includes tools and services created to make coding and deploying the apps swiftly and efficiently. We can leverage the architectural advantages of PaaS to develop multi-tenant softwares for your business.


We can use IaaS to deploy and manage pre-configured and virtualized hardware to enable enterprises to spin up virtual machines or computing power without the labor-intensive server management or hardware investment, this also makes it easy for you to scale.

Migrate your applications to Cloud

Migrating apps to the cloud means executing apps on the internet outside your servers. We could build your app using your framework and deploy the entire platform bundle to a cloud infrastructure or we could create your app using a specific middleware platform and deploy it to a cloud service or, if an existing cloud-based application provides the functionality you need, we could seamlessly integrate that SaaS service with all your products.



Dev & QA Environments


Cloud Deployment Strategy

Since Cloud is becoming an indispensable requirement in this day and age of technological revolution we offer you three models of cloud deployment, depending upon the infrastructural needs of your enterprise, you may prefer one over the others.


Cloud Deployment Models


Cybermax Solutions can provide you cloud-based solutions that reside in a private cloud. This is a cloud infrastructure that only members of your organization can utilize. It is typically owned and managed by the company itself and is hosted on premises but it could also be managed by a third party in a remote datacenter. This deployment model is best suited for Enterprises that deal with sensitive data.


We can develop hybrid cloud solutions for you, this type of cloud infrastructure assumes that you are hosting your system both on private and public cloud. A use case for this might be regulation requiring PAN data to be stored in a secure private data center but have the application processing parts available on the public cloud and talking to the private components over a secure tunnel something that would not be possible on the private cloud.


We specialize in the development of software that is tailor-made specifically for public cloud deployment models, this is what is most often thought of as a cloud, in that it is multitenant capable and is shared by a number of clients/consumers. Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and, to name but a few, all offer public cloud services. It provides a convenient way to scale your project depending on the use.

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