We have been crafting sturdy and efficient Java based apps for the last decade and a half ,this has been one of our salient offerings.


At Cybermax Solutions we have experienced Java devs and architects who have implemented a wide range of integration solutions employing well designed coding patterns. We can enmesh Java with other technologies to create a flawless synthesis for you that blends seamlessly with any 3rd party system.

Java API

We have crafted many products, services and business integrations that work on the Java API.

Services Integration

Creating web services and enabling communication between business apps and external SAS entities.

Data Connectors

Custom Connectors for efficient integration with SAP, Salesforce, ERP systems.

Enterprise Service Bus

We offer sturdy ESB architecture to implement and handle SOAP based architectures efficiently.

Java Development

We specialize in the field of Java Enterprise Software Development for Sales force automation software dev, and many other applications. Our senior consultants will offer you quality solutions at reasonable prices.

J2EE Application Development

We build quality J2EE Web apps that simplify the whole application development process. Our Java engineers are adept in this field and offer to our expertise in migrating to the latest Java technology.

Dedicated Teams working on Java

We offer you dedicated teams of skilled Java professionals, hand picked for your project.

  • The team is exclusive to you and never works on more than one project at a time.
  • We use industry grade tools such as Slack to ensure effective and smooth communication.
  • Our cooperation with you is completely transparent at all times.
  • You will be kept posted on the progress made by your team the way you prefer and as frequently, as you like.
  • Our Dev Teams can include not just highly skilled software engineers and QA experts, but also experienced Business Analysts.


Rapid software development

Our core competencies is agile software development using the Java Enterprise edition, we can create smart and robust systems for using J2EE technologies.

Java EE 5 consulting and development

We have extensive experience with Java EE 5 consulting, development and implementation which includes Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) , Java Persistence API JavaServer Faces (JSF) etc.

Scalable Enterprise Solutions

We offer you J2EE solutions and microservices architecture that can be entirely cloud based and can interface with legacy solutions.


Core Frameworks
  • NetBeans
  • Eclipse
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Swing
  • SWT
  • JavaFX
  • GlassFish
  • WebLogic
  • JBoss
  • Tomcat
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