Why Cybermax

Cybermax possesses a number of characteristics, which provide strong benefits for its customers:

Founded in 1998, Cybermax has gained knowledge and experience through developing more than a hundred medium and large-scale projects.

We employ and train highly experienced engineers and managers for all our organizational levels - from top management to software engineers.

We have spent years building and refining our organizational structure to ensure the consistency and quality of our software development processes.

  Customer orientation
In order to ensure that all project solutions reflect the real-world needs of the customer's organization, Cybermax's development team adapts to the customer's processes and methodology.

The low-cost environment in India provides Cybermax's customers with an opportunity to get 3-4 times more for their software budgets.

100% of the staff is English speaking which provides an efficient level of customer communication and understanding.

We are prepared to show our reliability and quality on a small pilot project, for less, than you would expect.