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Development Methodology

The Cybermax Solutions' Development Methodology involves dividing a project into separate phases, each designed to emphasize customer interaction and satisfaction.

On completion of each phase, we walk-through the outcomes with the customer to ensure that a clear, shared understanding of the project exists between all parties. The customer has the opportunity to confirm work to date and accept the work before we proceed to the next phase of the project.

Generally, a separate quotation is provided for each phase at the commencement of the phase, though an estimate for the full project is provided at the beginning of the project.

The different phases followed by us are:-


Phase I - Project Initialization

A project is initialized through a Cybermax Solutions visit to the client. This meeting is free of charge. The purpose of the meeting is to:

  Introduce the Cybermax Solutions team
Explain our development methodology
Demonstrate a sample specification and products
Discuss our Terms and Conditions
Assess the overall scope of the client project

Phase II - User Requirement Documentation
The next step in the development process is to identify the clients needs and opportunities more closely. The purpose of this stage is to gain a solid understanding of the business requirements. We do this by meeting with the client project manager and users alike. From this meeting we will produce a User Requirements Document that outlines the business needs and the best software solutions.

Prior to this meeting it is beneficial for the client to prepare an outline of requirements, the members involved in this project and main users.

Note: If this project involves converting an existing system, for example, from Access to Oracle, and no functionality changes are necessary, this phase may not be required

Phase III - Design Specifications
The Design Specifications of the systems are identified from the User Requirements Document. Design Specifications' include all the necessary steps for design, delivery and implementation of the project. Cybermax Solutions ensures that solid foundations are prepared for the project. We walk through this document with the client for acceptance and sign off.

Phase IV - Software Development and Testing
Construction of the software is carried out during this phase, along with alpha testing and verification by our team.

Phase V - Handover and Acceptance
The software is installed at the customer's site for beta testing and acceptance by the customer. Once accepted, the software is ready to be installed into the production environment for 'live' use

Phase VI - Training
Training can be carried out during this phase. A User Guide and On-line Help can also be provided if required.

Phase VII - Support and Enhancements
One of the most important aspects of a software development is the post-implementation support.

Support is defined as ensuring the database maintains its current functionality.

Enhancements are defined as changes to the delivered software package.

In each case Cybermax Solutions requires Client approval for nominated changes.