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About Us

Cybermax Solutions is a Offshore Outsourcing Company that specializes in Web based development activities, Client Server solutions and Corporate website development & maintenence services

Incorporated in 1998, Cybermax Solutions is an established software house in the industry catering to the needs of its customers. With the goal of customized application development on an offshore basis, today Cybermax is dedicated to providing cost effective and innovative software development solutions for many companies in different industries. Over the past four years we have achieved a growth rate of over 120%. Our young and highly competent team has a domain knowledge of over 70 man-years.

Cybermax's innovative approach to offshore software development and outsorcing increases its Customer's competitive advantage and helps them to overcome their budget and resource challenges.

A special emphasis is made on after sales service. It is because of this endeavour to keep the customers happy that Cybermax Solutions today has a long list of satisfied customers