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List of Our International Clients

  Igogreen Voice (Netherland)
Igogreen is a pioneer in the green market research industry. They focus on bridging the gap in the green market between consumers’ needs and green insights and companies’ market intelligence. We have designed, developed and maintain their website. We have developed a lot of interactive tools and widgets using latest technologies like jQuery.

  Igogreen Carbon Neutral Wignet (Netherland)
The CO2 emissions of a car amounts to an average of 3.5 tons per year! Igogreen aims to help you become a greener driver. Calculate you CO2 emissions today, and compensate. We have designed, developed and maintain their website. We have developed a one of its kind Carbon Neutral Wignet here.

  Hatlife (USA)
Commonly called the Encyclopedia of the Headwear Industry, the Hat Life Directory is the world’s most popular headwear reference.We have designed, developed and maintain their website.

  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (France)
The OECD currently collect a large amount of data from it's member countries by means of surveys or questionnaires. The questionnaires in the past have been simple Excel or Word documents that the correspondent would complete and return.
We have replaced many of these questionnaires with 'interactive' versions ; that is, with built in validation rules using Excel code, to ensure that the minimum of erroneous or incorrectly formatted data is entered.

  Fresc Company (Europe)
Fresc Company has a design department in Barcelona and sells its collection under 3 brand names. Fresc-wear®, Fresc-work®, Fresc-kids®. We have developed a complete web shopping cart system for them.

  Car Hire Supermarket (UK)
An e-commerce solution with a back Office suite for Rent a Car Abroad, a U.K based Car Rental agency. Initially the whole process was done via a call center within the U.K. The aim of the project was to open a new sales channel for the company by going online.

  Minale Tattersfield Design Strategy (UK)
Minale Tattersfield Design Strategy is a design company head quartered in London. It has been producing award-winning, creative designs since 1960. We have developed this Flash-PHP based site.

  Mint Cards, Inc. (USA)
Mint Cards is the leader in specialty trading cards. These small yet powerful cards are the perfect way to educate and promote your organization, school, sport or special event (USA) is one of the first websites in North America to fully harness the power of the Internet for legal forms and business documents, by enabling the client to immediately download a legal form of their choice.

  Orlando Properties & Investments Inc (USA)
This site has been designed for a group of USA based real estate agency involved in real estate business in the state of Orlando in USA.

  Disney Area Vacation Homes (USA)
This site is intended to help potential buyers purchase a vacation home / Villas near Disney World.